Confidentiality Policy

edited on 20 July 2020
Administration of website (further referred to as Administration) is striving to maintain confidentiality of data provided by a personal data owner: individual or any legal or physical entity like an entrepreneur who has registered on the website, further referred to as the User.
The above is the reason for the current agreement on confidentiality and personal data protection further referred to as Agreement drawn by Administration in order to avoid any concerns about how the personal data that users provide when registering and using the website will be handled.
When registering on the website  further referred to as Website, the User gives his consent to process his personal data entered during the registration process with the purpose defined by the Agreement.  The User further confirms that he has read and accepted Terms and Conditions of this Agreement fully and without amendment, and has given his consent to Administration to process his personal data. By registering on Website, the User confirms that he has read a list of rights he is entitled to as the data subject, in accordance with the Article 8 of the Law on Personal Data Protection. The comprehensive catalogue of such rights is available on 
1.1. Administration asks the User during the registration procedure to provide a certain necessary personal information needed by Administration in order to maintain website activities  
1.2. Administration can access information provided by the User when he is: 
- registering on Website as the User 
- conducting activities on Website (surveys, statements, return communication, etc) 
- filling in registration forms online provided by Administration and needed to perform Website activities  
- communicating telephonically with Administration or using SMS, MMS, Viber, Telegram and other short message services 
- corresponding with employers through Administration by email
- providing technical information such as service provider data, IP address, equipment type (PC, mobile devices, etc) and software utilized by the User, information on uploaded files and other such activities 
1.3. Administration processes personal information using automated and non-automated data processing techniques 
1.4. Personal information processing undertaken by Administration implies handling your personal data in the form of: collecting personal information, recording, organizing, compiling and generating, cancelling, clarifying (updating, inserting corrections), using data, performing data sanitization, blocking, deleting and destroying your personal information, as well as performing other actions with your personal data in accordance with the current Law of Ukraine 
1.5. The main purpose for the personal information being processed is to perform Website activities such as surveys, statements, return communication
1.6. Administration can only delete the User’s personal data on his request.  Personal data deleting is the ground for cancelling service and any relations between the Administration and the User.
1.7. Any information obtained by Administration from the User is regarded as confidential according to this Agreement. Confidential information is coded and stored in Website’s database and can be accessed by Administration exclusively.
1.8. By concluding this Agreement, the User agrees for Administration and its staff to use his personal data to achieve the purpose and aims connected with Website’s activities. 
1.9. By concluding this Agreement the User confirms that he is familiar with conditions of Data Protection Act of the Law of Ukraine (without additional notification) and purposes for processing of the personal data the User provides performed by Administration and its staff

2.1.  Administration utilizes modern technology to ensure confidentiality of personal data and other information provided by the User when filling in online forms, in order to achieve maximum protection of that information. 
2.2. Administration undertakes to perform all necessary measures to protect the data from unauthorised access, alternation, disclosure, or destruction. Such measures include internal reviews of data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including relevant coding    as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access. 


3.1. Administration only processes information voluntarily provided by the User 
3.2. Administration has the right to process personal information obtained from the User according to Clause 1.1. of the current Agreement
3.3. In the processing of personal data, Administration is not limited in its use of processing techniques. By concluding this Agreement, the User provides consent to Administration to process the following personal information obtained in accordance with clause 1.2 of the current Agreement: 
- email address
- contact information (telephone number, address)
- information, which can be obtained by cookies
- any other information, disclosed by the User when filling in registration forms online on Website

3.4. Administration processes the User’s personal data for the purpose of: 
- performing different online events connected with (website) activities by Administration 
- evaluating the level of interest demonstrated by the Users in online events organised by Administration, informing them about new measures and updates on the Website
- other things, about which the Administration notifies the User, inquiring for personal data 

3.5.  Administration can utilize the User’s personal data to send out email notifications connected with Website activities, news, surveys, and similar activities. 

3.6.  Administration can use monitoring and tracking technology (cookies) to obtain personal data like type of browser or software system, website reference pages, website path, internet-provider domain, etc in order to obtain general information about the way the User utilizes Website.  Using cookies allows to perfect Website in accordance with requirements and preferences of the User 
3.7. Administration retains all the information collected with the use of cookies in the format that prevents possibility of person’s identification. Information obtained by cookies can not be accessed by a third party. This information is not authorised to be shared with third parties. 
3.8. Information collected about the User is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties except cases stipulated by the Law of Ukraine


4.1. Administration does everything possible for the User to have free access to his personal data or to make changes if information is incorrect, or withdraw data, unless its storage is required by law or stipulated by legal business purposes 

4.2. Administration does not disclose personal information to third parties unless the User gives his consent or if  required by court order. 


5.1. The User automatically accepts terms and conditions of this Agreement by registering on Website or using Website. 
5.2. With personal data being processed by Administration, the User becomes the data subject whose rights are protected by the Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection
5.3. The activities of Administration are carried out strictly within legislation system of Ukraine.  Any claims, disputes, official complaints will be considered through legislative system and according to the Law of Ukraine.
5.4. Administration has the right to change Terms and Conditions of the current Agreement unilaterally to enter into legal force in seven calendar days from the day they are published on the Website.  If the alternations are significant, Administration undertakes to inform the User by email (email address is accessed on the registration form) or on Website before the alternations take the legal force.  
5.5. The User may contact Administration regarding any questions related to the current Agreement by email: